Eco-friendly Puffs

Two types of puff: stool style and large cushions.

The stool-style puffs follow our aesthetics of carpets and textiles inspired by the Andalusian region of southern Spain, Greece and Morocco, these footstool puffs look fabulous along with our complementary cushions and rugs. They measure 51cm x 51cm x 33cm.

The puff cushions of our beautiful collection of large cushions, measure 100 cm x 75 cm and are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, including the inner padding. The range includes our fabulous Moroccan cushions, as well as the Scandinavian-inspired bluish green Juno cushion shown in the cover image.

Soft material, stain resistant, machine washable and excellent for indoor or outdoor use, our poufs are perfect for pet owners, lovers of red wines and beach lovers, as they are resistant to mold, and incredibly easy to clean Moths will not eat them and dust mites do not live in them, so they are also excellent for allergic people.

Add more style to your home with any of our Juno rugs, a Nomad Kilim carpet or one of our Moroccan-style Kasbah rugs.

Eco-friendly Puffs


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