• Kilims
  • Geometrika

    KP geometric carpets are made from flat-woven wool. Two standard and personalized sizes are available at a starting price of € 327.90.

  • Keplan
  • Organik

    Organic architecture consists of the search for the architecture-nature pairing under the motto of total integration with the environment. With this philosophy the ORGANIK collection is born based on a novel fiber unique in the world called SMARTSTRAND created by DUPONT from the hand of the giant of the carpet industry MOHAWK INDUSTRIES.INC. Composed of organic fibers, mostly from corn.

  • Takto

    Touch is one of the 5 basic senses of human beings and as such we must pamper it as it deserves. Our grain of sand is this collection of ULTRA SUAVES tailored rugs that work as an antibiotic for stress and elevate comfort to its maximum exponent.

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