1838 - Lamp and Linen Svel White Shade, velvet, gold base (66cm height).

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Add style to your home with this ceramic lamp. Choose from from craquelure or classic, and a range of colors. A Svel White Linen style shade combined with two strips of velvet are included and you choose the color combination. The base is gold coloured.

Velvet Edge Color


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The base of the lamp is 38 cm in height and 14 cm wide. The size of the shade is 40 by 40 by 25 centimeters. The total height inclding shade is 66cm.

The delivery period for the lamps can take approximately 20 days.

The cable of this lamp is made of silk. The color of the cable usually corresponds to the color of the base of the lamp. If the lamp has no base, the cable is transparent.

Cordón cable

If you prefer another color for the cable, please contact us by means of the "comments" box that appears during the order process or if you prefer, you can contact us before placing the order. However you decide to notify, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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Data sheet

14 cm
Size of shade
40cm x 40cm x (25cm height)
Silk covered electrical cable